Letter from C. G. Allhusen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter is written primarily to ask Owen to pose for a Daguerreotype image of him to be taken, (A Daguerreotype image was the first commercially successful photographic process invented by Louis Daguerre). Allhusen wishes to have one for his parlour to add to the one of Étienne Cabet he has already. Then, he remarks, he would have copies of both the "most celebrated Communists of the present age".

Discussion then turns to Allhusen's life, explaining that he has an English wife (born in Carlisle) and for many they lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. Travelling extensively across the United States, they formed the impression that the country has "all the errors of Europe, the legislation is equally corrupt".

Included with the letter is an extract from a work recently published in Germany upon "English Polite and Owen Communism".


Stamped number: 2573