Letter from Robert Dale Owen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Owen is thanked for the copy of his life's work and advised not to make it too large with an appendix of documents as this will prevent its large circulation.

Meanwhile Robert Dale is intending publishing his own volume entitled The Probabilities of Ultramundane Communication.

Also present is a letter (dated 3 January 1858) from Robert Dale's wife, Mary Jane, who also offers her thanks to Owen for sending her copy of his life's work. This letter gives a detailed account of the recent activities of Mary Jane and also other family members. These include her expected departure from Naples, her receiving a daguerreotype of Owen's great grandson and of receiving a pamphlet from Richard [Owen] consisting of a lecture given by him at Nashville in support of the purchase of Mount Vernon so it may be used as a summer residence for the President [of the United States]. An earthquake in Naples in also mentioned, the consequence of which could see up to "30,000" fatalities.


Stamped number: 2805

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