Letter from Jane D. Fauntleroy to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter opening with detailed discussion of the state of health of [David] Dale [Owen]; his digestion has improved, but he now has trouble with his limbs, particularly at night, but the prescription from Dr Price for "Scotch Ale" appears to be working. Fauntleroy notes that despite his ill health problems, Dale has still been attending to business.

Fauntleroy explains she has been helping Dale with his writing, which is not inconsiderable, as he is currently undertaking two geological surveys for the states of Kentucky and Arkansas; Dale is also hoping to set up a "Model Agricultural College [at New Harmony]".

In a separate letter (on the same piece of paper) dated the 30 March [1858], Fauntleroy writes that Dale's health has taken a turn for the better and he hopes to leave New Harmony for Arkansas in less than 3 weeks.


Stamped number:2881


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