Letter from T. E. Weller to Robert Owen

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In this manuscript letter Weller writes from Italy, where he is visiting his daughter. He tells Owen of his journey through France, where he found the "great majority" of people appeared only interested in running their trade in the old ways; "buy cheap and sell dear" being their motto and, as long as Louis Napoleon enables them to do this, then they trouble themselves not "how he does it".

In Italy, Weller notes to his "great surprise" that the people of Piedmont, along with visitors he met from other parts of Italy, condemned in unison [Guiseppe] Mazzini. He explains this is because they feel "he assisted the effort to get rid of the Austrians by dividing the Italians into two parties". Meanwhile, he also ascertains there has been a "complete deterioration of the Priests and the Pope - ever the common people dislike the Priests as men, but fear them having power over the next world!"


Stamped number: 2041

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