Letter from Henry Travis to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Travis informs Owen of the proceedings of a meeting which took place with the object of drawing up the laws for the Tytherley Community. [John] Finch, who had been appointed the Deputy Governor of the new community, had drawn up a code and wished it to be published, but this action was questioned by some at the meeting who considered unfit for publication until looked over by the President [Owen].

Further discussion surrounds the re-payment of money raised by the Societies [of the Universal Society Community of Rational Religionists] to pay for the community. Some believe once the community had re-paid the money loaned to them, they would then be free to keep all accruing monies to re-invest as they wished, whilst others were of the view that this "surplus" money ought to be given to the Society for it to re-invest in other communities.


Stamped number: 1187