Letter from Anne Caroline Owen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with Anne Owen, Owen's daughter, writing of her imminent departure from Kirkaldy. Her time there has nearly "expired" and she shall probably remain only a day longer, but such is the "attention" received from friends they "almost regret" leaving.

A visit to a family friend Mr Fergus is mentioned; whilst there two "young ladies", who are said to be "admirers" of Owen, explained they were not yet "quite prepared" to accept Owen's principles of "truth".

Anne writes of her hopes that Robert [Dale Owen's] business goes well enough for him to visit the family at Braxfield before he must "again cross the Atlantic".

The letter closes with Anne writing of receiving a letter from Mr Applegarth in America in which he wrote all 4 of Anne's brothers had recently visited him and were all in "high health and spirits".


Stamped number: 91

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