Letter from John Morrison to Robert Owen

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This manuscript letter opens with Morrison explaining he has enclosed a Memorial (not present), containing "several important subjects", which 'they' plan to present to their [New York] State Legislature.

Discussion turns to the "great sensation [in New York]" caused by the death of Stephen Giraud and, more particularly, the publication of his Will ; "joy" being expressed by the liberals whilst "sorrow and regret" is felt by the "illiberals" who "have been entirely excluded from fingering one cent".

The whereabouts of Owen's son Robert Dale is discussed, with Morrison writing that when he last heard Robert was wending his way along the banks of the Ohio River as the river itself was frozen over towards New Harmony.

The letter closes with Morrison asking Owen if the present Reform Bill [in Britain] will provide the reform the people need and wonders is not "a thorough reform" which provides an "elective government" needed.


Stamped number: 500

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