Letter from Henry Travis to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter, in which Travis writes of meeting John Minter Morgan. Morgan told Travis he sent a letter to the Athenaeum which he expected to appear in the paper. Instead a notice came stating they would not print the letter until they learnt of Owen's feelings in regard to it as he is main topic of conversation. Travis has enclosed a copy for Owen to read (copy present) and also a letter from Morgan to Travis.

In his letter to the Athenaeum Morgan writes of his admiration for the "disinterested humanity" shown by those at the newspaper for publishing articles from Owen despite having differing views on a number of matters. Morgan feels Owen should be honoured for his life's work, particularly in respect to founding Infant Schools and for his endeavours to secure the "moral elevation and peace of the world". Morgan also quotes a passage from the incumbent Archbishop of Canterbury praising Owen.

In the letter from Morgan to Travis he requests to be kept informed of Owen's thoughts on the letter to the Anthenaeum.


Stamped number: 1950