Letter from Caroline Owen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with detailed discussion of the illness of Owen's daughter Anne. She has been suffering from a "severe" ailment and the inclement weather has not helped, however the doctor has been "most attentive". Mrs Owen "feels the want" of Owen so he could advise her in a time of so much "anxiety".

Discussion follows regarding the search for a new home for the family, with Caroline explaining the one she previously mentioned fell though due to the rent being too high and a 3 year term of rental being required; they are now looking for one around £30 rent as they "cannot afford to give more".

Owen is asked if he has fixed a date when he intends crossing the Atlantic [to America] and is it intention to go this year.

Reference is made to the upcoming wedding anniversary, 31 years since Caroline and Robert "became one"; Caroline hopes that Robert will remember, and writes she feels that they "love another" as much and "understand one another" much better than they did 31 years ago.


Stamped number: 233