Letter from Robert Owen to Emperor Nicholas I of Russia

Scope and Content

Draft manuscript letter in which Owen refers to his Spiritualistic experiences, setting out his belief that since childhood he had been "a speaking and acting Medium" to prepare the populations of the world for the "great and glorious change" to a state of "..... affectionate brotherhood, each assisting all, and all assisting each." He refers the Emperor to his pamphlet 'The New Existence of Man Upon the Earth', and calls upon him as a man of position and education to lead the work of change, along with other leading Sovereigns of Europe, including the Emperor of Austria to whom he has also written, and the heads of government.

Administrative / Biographical History

Nicholas I was the Emperor of Russia from 1825 until 1855, known as one of the most reactionary of the Russian monarchs. Nicholas came to the thrown after the debacle of the Decembrist Revolt, but nonetheless set about to prevent another uprising with a programme designed to suppress political dissent at home, and roll back constitutional gains in Poland. This resulted in the November Uprising, which Nicholas brutally suppressed. His reactionary policies served to spawn revolutionaries, including liberals, populists and radicals. While many were forced underground during his reign, they would eventually gain momentum after his death. Russia's failure to reform would ultimately lead to the assassination of Nicholas' successor, the reformer Tsar Alexander II of Russia as well as the later rise of the Bolshevik Party.


Stamped number: 2218