Scope and Content

Marcel Fodor to W. P. Crozier.

Location: Vienna.

Confidential. He responds at length to the points raised in Dell's article. He thinks that Dell exaggerated the facts, and makes a distinction between three things: 1. The relations of the Little Entente countries. 2. & 3. The relations to France and Italy and the proposed Pact of Mutual Assistance of the Little Entente countries.

He expands on a previous question he posed about Dell and news of a Hapsburg restoration in Vienna. He remarks that Rumania and Yugoslavia need to be watched, but that their interests are becoming more bound up with Britain and France. Mr. A. J. Toynbee of the Royal Institute of International Affairs sent him a manuscript of their 'Annual Survey' of central, eastern and south-eastern Europe, for his criticism, which he considers a great compliment.