Scope and Content

6/1 Notes and transcripts (typescript) n.d.:

  • Aulard, Histoire Politique de la Revolution Francaise,
  • British Museum [British Library] Add. Mss. [see also 3/2]
  • The Grenville Papers 1742-1779, ed. W. J. Smith.

6/2 Notes, (manuscript), by ?Namier on William Pulteney, n.d.

6/3 Copy. (manuscript), British Museum, Kings MS 205, n.d.

6/4 Notes and transcripts (typescript), Add. Mss. n.d.

6/5 Transcripts, (typescript), Add. Mss. n.d.

6/6 Notes and transcripts by ?Namier, lists of MPs and Peers, n.d./Add. MSS Windsor Papers .

6/7 Notes and transcripts, MS/typescript, by ?Namier, n.d. 

  • Connecticut Papers, New York Public Library.
  • Bancroft Transcripts
  • The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine
  • Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
  • British Museum [British Library] Add. Mss.
  • Chatham correspondence.
  • Caldwell Papers.
  • Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania.
  • A Report of the Record Commissioners to the City of Boston.
  • Collections of the New York Historical Society.
  • Ezra Stile Mss., Yale University.

6/8 Notes, MS/typescript ?Namier, n.d. inscribed 'MS pre- war, written in England... / TS - USA...TS -shift of interest...' ?Julia Namier.

6/9 Copies, mostly Add. Mss. or no source, n.d.