Scope and Content

5b/1 Notes and transcripts (typescript) of some biographical material relating to: Walpole, Waldegrave, Theobald Taaffe, John Huske, Sir George Young, John Morton, Charles Townshend, John Bindley, Chatham, Lord Camelford, Malmesbury Mss., Camden Mss., Harrowby Mss., William Pitt, 'The Harrisons', Wentworth Woodhouse muniments, Chatsworth Mss., Dr Alexander Carlyle.

5b/2 Letter, (fragment) from Sir Charles Symonds to Adrian [ ?]. 7 Jan 1959, typescript copy.

5b/3 Notes and transcripts n.d.:

  • British Museum [British Library] Add. Mss. [see item 3/2]
  • Bute Registers
  • New Letters of David Hume, ed. Klibansky and Mosser
  • Chesterfield Letters
  • Chatsworth Mss.
  • Fox Papers
  • Woburn Mss.
  • Wilkes Mss.
  • Worsley Mss.
  • Walpole, George III
  • Petworth Mss.
  • Lullings Mss.
  • Egmont, Diary
  • Jesse, Selwyn and His Contemporaries.
  • Broadland Mss.

5b/4 Letter, (typescript) from Lucy Sutherland [?] (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford) to Namier, 1 Aug 1959 .

5b/5 Notes and transcripts (typescript) n.d.: 

  • British Museum [British Library] Add. Mss.
  • Letters of Walpole.
  • Chatsworth Mss.
  • Hatfield Mss.
  • Lullings Mss.
  • Gentlemen's Magazine,1754.
  • Samuel Touchet.
  • George Townsend.
  • ?George Sackville [Germain].
  • William Dowdeswell.
  • Buccleuch Mss.

5b/6 Letter, (typescript) from [John Brooke?] to Namier, 26 Mar 1959 .

5b/7 Notes and transcripts (typescript) n.d: British Museum, 47097/8/Fitzmaurice, Shelburne/Biographical details on William Pitt.