Scope and Content

9/1 Letter, from Namier to Rt. Hon. Col. Josiah Wedgwood, 9 Jun 1928.

9/2 Notes, (typescript) 'Memorandum on the History of Parliament', and unidentified notes, n.d.

9/3 Correspondence, including: Richard Pares; Gudmund Stang, University of Oslo; Roger Machell, Hamish Hamilton Ltd.; Maurice Charney, Philological Quarterly .

9/4 Notes, MS/(typescript) annotated by ?Julia Namier on Namier, n.d.

9/5 Correspondence: Xerox, University Microfilms Ltd., Edward Raczynski, Robert of Austria-Este? , Times, E J. Passant?, Foreign Office ?; Norman Kemp Smith, Ministry of Information; Frederic A. Johnson; John Brooke; Elizabeth Wiskeman? .

9/6 Notes, (typescript), Julia Namier, biography of Namier, n.d.

9/7 Correspondence includes :

  • C.G. Stone.
  • Penshurst?.
  • certificates and correspondence from Army, Foreign Office, life assurance company and Balliol College, Oxford.
  • E.V. Doty, Board of Commissioners of the Sinking Fund of the City School District of the City of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • copies of Namier's letters.
  • Jaques Duron, Minstry of Cultural Affairs, Paris.
  • Guy Chapman.
  • Roy Elliott.
  • Charles Clay.
  • Evan Charteris.
  • Donald Borneo?
  • L. Stuart Sutherland.
  • item unidentified.

9/8 Note on Namier by J.R.A. Tomlinson, n.d.

9/9 Notes, n.d.

9/10 Letter, from Namier to the Editor of the Times, n.d.

9/11 Proofs. Namier review of The Correspondence of George III, n.d.

9/12 Notes, (typescript) annotated by ?Julia Namier, n.d.

9/13 Chapter, (typescript) note indicates it to be written by Namier and typed by John Brooke, n.d.

9/14 See 1a/1 .

9/15 Letter, from S Vivian, Somerset House to Namier, 24 Apr 1928.

9/16 Notes, by ?Namier, n.d.

9/17 Correspondence and notes on Lady Susan Strangeways, early 1930s.

9/18 Lectures, ((typescript)) n.d.

9/19 Correspondence: Claude Schuster, Foreign Office, Eustace Percy, Foreign Office, A L Smith [?], Balliol College. Note by Namier, Memorial service prayer, annotated by Julia Namier[?].

9/20 Letter, (typescript), Namier to Strand Magazine, 1944.