Scope and Content

21/1 Notes and transcripts: Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society/Collections of the New York Historical Society .

21/2 Notes and transcripts n.d.:

  • Add. Mss. [see item 3/2].
  • Kennedy,The importance of gaining and preserving the friendship of the Indians...(1752)
  • Journal and letters of the late Samuel Curwen, proposals for uniting the English colonies..., (1757).
  • A Collection of the Proceedings of the Great and General Court of Massachusetts Bay, (1729).
  • O'Callaghan, History of the State of New York.
  • Colden Papers.
  • Gentlemen's Magazine.
  • Sibbes, Documentary History of the American Revolution.
  • Stille, The Life and Times of J. Dickinson.
  • Salloway, Historical and Political Reflections.

21/3 Notes and transcripts n.d.: 

  • Add. Mss.
  • Walpole, Memoirs.
  • Stowe Mss. [Huntington Library/ British Museum?]
  • Grenville, Diary.