Scope and Content

1b/1 Notes, Creighton Lecture (1952), (typescript with manuscript annotation by LBN) n.d. Includes a fragment by Julia Namier on the career of Roman Dmowski.

1b/2 Creighton Lecture, typescript fragments and duplicates, [1952].

1b/3 Fragment of a letter, three copies of a chapter, one typed and amended by LBN [c1928-1932]

1b/4 Waynflete Lecture, typescript fragment, [c.1947/8].

1b/5 Review, (typescript), Samuel Flagg Bemis [recte Bernis], The Hussey-Cumberland Mission and American Independence, EHR xlviii (1933), pp 305-6, annotated by Namier, 1933.

1b/6 Notes, draft accounts of ministerial reconstruction Jan 1766 by Namier n.d., but prob. 1928-1935

1b/7 Typescript review of W. Baring-Pemberton, Lord North, [in Listener, 8 Dec. 1938}

1b/8 Notes, (typescript), on British Parliament, 1760s, n.d [prob. 1928-1935].

1b/9 Notes, (typescript), file 'The British Parliament in 1761', n.d.

1b/10 Letter, from Noel Blakiston to Namier, 5 Dec 1933.

1b/11 Cutting, review, Richard Pares, "Fifty years of George III", Sunday Times, 8 Feb 1953.


  • Notes, (typescript) from Namier? to James Fergusson, c.1934
  • Notes, (typescript) n.d.
  • Cutting, Guardian, n.d.
  • Notes, typescript on Britain in the 1760s, n.d.

1b/13 Review, Augustus Hervey's journal, ed. David Erskine. "Books One" [part of an unidentified journal], 30 Dec 1953.

1b/14 Notes on Britain, 1760s, n.d.

1b/15 Cuttings, Times Literary Supplement, Time and TideManchester GuardianTimes Literary Supplement

1b/16 Notes, (typescript) n.d.

1b/17 Correspondence. 1954-1959, including copies of Namier's letters. Correspondents include: Sir Owen Morshead, Robin Mackworth-Young, Drogereit (at Hanover Library?).