Scope and Content

19/1 Map of Europe.

19/2 Map of Europe.

19/3 Offprints and pamphlets

  • Namier, 'Russian land and Polish men', The New Europe, Vol.xvi, no.206, 23 Sep 1920.
  • Namier, The Czecho-Slovaks, an oppressed nationality, 1917, first edition and reprint.

19/4 Map of Europe.

19/5 Offprints and cuttings:

  • Lucy S Sutherland, 'Sir Lewis Namier' Proceedings of the British Academy, Vol.xlviii, [1962].
  • Extract from Dictionary of National Biography, attached note from Rhodes Trust, 'I thought you might be glad of this: don't ask, please. EW?' n.d.
  • Namier, 'Daniel Pulteney MP' , Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research, Vol.xxviii (1955).
  • J.L. Talmon, 'The ordeal of Sir Lewis Namier: the man, the historian, the Jew'. [originally published in Commentary xxxiii 1963), pp 237-46], inscribed 'with warm regards from JLT' [see also 10/8].
  • Namier, 'The character of Burke' Spectator, 19 Dec 1958.
  • The Blue Book, Vol.i, no.1, May 1912.
  • Prospectus for Namier, The structure of politics at the accession of George III.

19/6 Cuttings, Guardian, Times Literary Supplement, The Observer.

19/7 Offprints and pamphlets

  • Jacob M Price, Party, purpose and pattern: Sir Lewis Namier and his critics, 1961, inscribed 'for John Brooke with regards Jacob Price'.
  • Offprint Namier, 'The circular letters: an eighteenth century whip to Members of Parliament', English Historical Review, October 1929.
  • Namier, 'Nationality and Liberty', (Rome: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, 1948).
  • 'Prophet and Pedant', New Statesman, 25 Jun 1955, [author not identified].
  • Namier, 'Diplomacy in the interwar period', World Politics: A Quarterly Journal of International Relations, Vol.vii, No.1, October 1954.