Scope and Content

1a/1 Correspondence, typescript copies, 1926-1929, concerning a grant to Namier by the Rhodes Trust. Correspondents include:

  • P.H. Kerr [Rhodes Trust].
  • H.A.L. Fisher [Warden, New College, Oxford].
  • Professor H.E. Egerton.
  • Lionel Curtis.
  • Whitney Shepardson [International Education Board]
  • Lord Harrowby.

1a/2 Correspondence 1920-1929, concerning the Rhodes grant [some items originals of duplicates in 1a/1]. Correspondents include: 

  • H.A.L. Fisher.
  • P.H. Kerr.
  • Whitney Shepardson.
  • John Wheeler-Bennett.
  • Inland Revenue.
  • Professor H.E. Egerton.

Review, (typescript copy), Keith Feiling, The structure of politics and the accession of George III,, The Observer, 20 Jan 1929.

1a/3 Essay, (typescript), John Brooke, 'Namier and Namierism'. annotated by Brooke, n.d.

1a/4 Essay, (typescript), ?Namier, 'Collective Research', annotated by ?Namier, n.d.

1a/5 Essay, (typescript), ?Namier, 'Collective Research', n.d.

1a/6 Essay, (typescript), ?Namier, 'Collective Research', n.d. covering note from John Brooke, 8 May 1972 .

1a/7 Essay, (typescript) ?Namier, 'Collective Research', n.d.

1a/8 Notes, (typescript), 'England in the age of American revolution', n.d. with covering note from John Brooke, n.d.

1a/9 Notes, (manuscript), ?Namier, n.d.


  • Offprint. Hon. B.A. Grossman, 'The two great law systems of the world', 30 Apr 1954.
  • Literature concerning Consular Law Society.
  • Pamphlet, 'In Memoriam' of F.C. Coudert and B. Mirkine-Guetzevich.
  • Photograph of Grossman inscribed 'to Sir Lewis Namier as and expression of esteem, most sincerely, Bernard A. Grossman. June 1957'.


  • Lecture, 'Ford Lectures', labelled 'Preface', 'II', 'III'. annotated, 1934 [ Namier's Ford Lectures]
  • Letter, Julia Namier to John Brooke, 30 Mar 1961.

1a/12 Essay, review and notes, n.d.

1a/13 Essay, (typescript), John Brooke, 'Namier and his critics', annotated [1965]

1a/14 Ved Mehta, 'Onward and upward with the arts', The New Yorker, 15 Dec 1962, p.47, (Part II of item 2/3).

1a/15 Certificates, Consulate Law Society, 4 Jun 1957/American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 11 May 1960/Confirmation of attendance at University of Lausanne, addressed to Julia Namier,10 May 1961.

1a/16 Map of Eastern Europe, pre-1914?.

1a/17 Notes, on George III, (typescript), n.d.