Scope and Content

12/1 Transcripts, (typescript), extracts from works by Namier, n.d.

12/2 Transcript, (typescript), Memoires et documents Angleterres, n.d.

12/3 Notes and transcripts: Add. Mss. [see also 3/2]/Papers of the Second Duke of Newcastle/Freud[?].

12/4 Notes, (typescript) lists of MPs, n.d.

12/5 Notes and transcripts n.d.: Jenkinson/Robinson Correspondence (Add. Mss.)/Montgomery Mss.

12/6 Notes/transcript, annotated, 'First chapters of Eric Robson's uncompleted Life of Pitt', n.d.

12/7 Notes and transcripts, n.d. Report of Elections, Sussex.

  • Times Literary Supplement
  • unidentified notes
  • Nathaniel Ryder's Diary
  • notes on Duke of Richmond
  • Letters of the First Earl of Malmesbury
  • Authentic memoirs and sketches of the real character of the Late Right Honourable Richard Rigsby
  • Letter to Henry Fox, Lord Holland

Box 12/8 Notes and transcripts n.d.: Autobiography of Edward Gibbon, ed. John Murray Dartmouth Mss ; The last journals of Horace Walpole; Add. Mss.; Harcourt Papers; Notes on Simon Luttrell, John Luttrell, Henry Lawes Luttrell; Chatham Papers; Grenville Papers; Knox Mss.;Ramsden Mss. ;unidentified photocopies and notes.

12/9 Notes on Gibbon, n.d.

12/10 Specimen page for the History of Parliament.

12/11 Notes: House of Lords attendance list n.d.; Rainham Mss.;Townshend Papers.; Grafton Mss. Buccleuch Mss. Lady Mary Coke, Journal; Wentworth Woodhouse Muniments. Dalkeith Papers.