ALS to T. R. Glover

Scope and Content

Mentions his visit to Maine and the border of Canada. Reports that he has parted company with Lake of Harvard. Writes that he sees more eminent English at the Union Theological Seminary, New York than he did in Cambridge, among them Abrahams, Gollancz, and the Deans of Salisbury, Lincoln and Windsor. Also mentions Emmet, who died of Pneumonia within a week of lunching with him. Gives his opinion of Herford who he met whilst they were both lecturing to the Jews. Recalls gatherings in his rooms at Jesus College, Cambridge. Remarks Jesus College's tendencies to let good men get away, mentioning Charlesworth and Edmonds. Details his exploits in the field of writing for the religious press. Asks Glover what he knows of Barcochab. Admires E. F. Scott. Longs to write a critique of Goodspeeds popularisation of the Bible, as he did for a popular history of Israel by Professor Phelps.

Additional Information