Writings of Frederick Billington-Greig

Scope and Content


Published work:

* Press cuttings of poems and other writings: 'Great Thoughts of Great Men (With Little Comments From Their Wives)' (9 Jul 1910); 'An Election Address' (27 Oct 1906) from Forward newspaper; 'Hinc Ilae Lachrymae', letter and poem titled 'Nightmares' (29 Apr 1909) from The New Age No.764; 'Under the Campsie Fells' in The Scottish Fells (Mar 1909); 'A Tramp Across Arran' in The Scottish Field (May 1909)

* (Under the pseudonym 'Lawrence Kirk'): Press cuttings of 'Aphorisms' (9 Jul 1910), 'Aphorisms' (23 Jul 1910), 'Wisdom' (2 Sep 1910); Stories from Nash's Magazine 'The Croonin' o' the King' (Jun 1911) and 'The Advertising Agent' (Apr 1911)

* Press cutting of writing titled 'Skene Worthies' by 'Dicky's Boy' (2 Jun 1898)

Unpublished work:

* Correspondence with and typescript stories for Avalon House School 1940, including a letter from Vera B Tucker to Mr Billington-Greig, written from Avalon House School, Park Farm, Glastonbury, thanking him for his stories which they will miss, and a manuscript letter to Mr Billington-Greig from a student, Gerald; 'An Auld Man's Sang' composed and sung by FMG 26 Sep 1913; 'Letters of an Uncle Who Never Grew Up' parts I, II and III, addressed to Phyllis; 'Paving Hell', 'Noises and Smells', 'Eyes' (typescript and carbon copy), 'Unco' Guid Glasgow', 'Round the world on a sofa', 'Shepherds Pie', 'The Pink Pig', 'Byron Up-to-date', 'The Premier and the Chancellor', 'John Burns', 'Alice at the Zoo', 'Me', 'London Courtesy', 'Lines from a Disgruntled Boarder', 'A Life's Journey'; writings with attatched editors' rejection notes: 'No Violence' (with carbon copy) and 'School Games in the Eighties' (originally titled 'Games of my Youth'); typescript titled 'Are the Scots Patriotic?' discussing a court case regarding public rights of way with press cuttings of the case; other short poems and writings.

* (Under the pseudonym 'Lawrence Kirk'): typescript stories titled 'A Vocation Missed', 'Porridge - the Measures of Endurance', 'The Shadow of the Earth at Stonehaven'