Central Women's Electoral Committee: File 3

Scope and Content

Reports of meetings, papers presented to meetings, etc. Includes:

* Women's Election Committees - Summary of Suggestions made to the Women's Freedom League and used as a basis for action in the Hillhead By-Election, 1937;

* Communication from the committee elected at the One-Day Conference - 'More-Women-in-Parliament', 22 Oct 1937 (Circular letter by Mrs T Billington Greig, Convenor);

* Excerpts from the Glasgow Women's Representation Committee (For the Election of Women to Parliament, etc.) - Letter from IH McLelland (Honorary Secretary, Glasgow Women's Representation Committee and Honorary Secretary Glasgow Branch, Women's Freedom League) to Mrs T Billington Greig, dated 13 Oct 1937 (duplicated, 'For Information of Delegates', i.e. to 22 Oct 1937 Conference);

* Women's Committee for Electoral Action - redraft of Aims and Objects, for meeting 16 May 1938 (T Billington Greig, Convenor), 1937;

* Formation Meeting of Central Women's Electoral Committee, Notice of meeting from the Provisional Committee for Women's Electoral Campaign, for 24 Feb 1938 (T Billington Greig, Convenor);

* Agenda for Formation meeting, 24 Feb 1938;

* Appeal Letter, Central Women's Electoral Committee (T Billington Greig, Convenor) c.1938;

* Report to the Formation Meeting, Feb 1938 (Mrs T Billington Greig), Convenor);

* Report of the Formation Meeting of 24 Feb 1938 - Paper No.13, 9 Mar 1939;

* Paper No.14 - includes Aims and Objects and Methods of Work (Convenor, Provisional Committee) 14 Mar 1938;

* Paper No.15 (Draft) - 'Endorsement of Women Candidates' (T Billington Greig) 24 Mar 1938;

* Circular letter to members for meeting 16 May 1938 (T Billington Greig, Convenor);

* Re-draft of Aims and Objects for meeting 16 May 1938;

* 2nd Report of Committee (Mrs T Billington Greig, Convenor, Central Women's Electoral Committee) 22 Jun 1938;

* 2 Memoranda, apparently prepared by Mrs Teresa Billington Greig on winding up of the Committee 1) 'Preliminary Data - The Hillhead By Election Glasgow, May 1937' (note on origin of Committee); and 2) 'Conclusion. Winding up of the Central Women's Electoral Committee. 1939'