Young Boy climbs ladder up to 82-foot platform at Mamirimiri, Uganda

Scope and Content

Alec Haddow's mosquito catches were conducted on constructed platforms. Platforms were given a number which identified the height in feet from ground level. The photographic print shows a young boy climbing to platform 82 on a stool-wood (Astonia congensis) tree. The photograph was taken in Bwamba, Uganda.

Related Material

Print from negative in GB 248 DC 068/5/2/1; See also prints of the steel tower in DC 068/2/22; "Platform 82" prints in GB 248 DC 068/5/3/15 & DC 068/5/3/46-47. For a colour transparencies of the same image see GB 248 DC 068/5/1/49 & 51.