24-hour catches: Bwamba Tree Survey, Volume I

Scope and Content

Catch records titled Twenty four hour catch record, Yellow Fever Research Institute. Data recorded under subject headings include: Catch number; Date; Time started; Locality; Number of catchers; Bait house; Hours LMT (includes hours of the day); Weather. Records capture the time of; the total number of species caught and weather conditions per catch from each platform level.

The records describe 24-hour mosquito catches taken from trees around Bwamba, Uganda, and relate to 10 Catch Series, made from six catches per series. Three boys were used as bait on the ground level platform.  

  • Catch Series 281-85-89-93-97-307 at Monigro V (59) Jun 1948 (pp 1-21);
  • Catch Series 263-69-72-75-78 at Monigro IV (58) Jun 1948 (pp 22-42);
  • Catch Series 227-230-233-236-239-242 at Monigro III (70) May-Jun 1948 (pp 43-63);
  • Catch Series 173-174-176-178-180-192 at Monigro II (57) Dec 1947 (pp 64-84);
  • Catch Series 245-248-252-254-257-260 at Monigro I (52) Jun 1948 (pp 85-105);
  • Catch Series 163-175-177-179-181-183 at Mamirimiri (64) Nov-Dec 1947 (pp 106-126);
  • Catch Series 131-132-133-134-135-136 at Nkisi River (49) Jun 1947 (pp 127-147);
  • Catch Series 92-95-96-103-110-112 at Mpulya River (54) Sep 1946-Apr 1947 (pp 148-168);
  • Catch Series 104-105-109-111-117-118 at Ntotoro (55) Jan-Apr 1947 (pp 169-189);
  • Catch Series 143-44-45-92-94-96 at Ntotoro 1 B (55) Oct 1947-Mar 1948 (pp 190-209).

In her report Eleanor Tiplady noted that there was the following additional information for the Catch Series 281-85-89-93-97-307:

This series of catches was carried out in heavy swamp forest, dominated by Mitragyna stipulosa, Voacanga obtusa and Elaeis fuineensis. The undergrowth was fairly heavy. The ground is exceedingly wet and soggy. The platform was placed at 59 feet on the tree type Mitragyna stipulosa. The ground control unit sat below the tree on very wet ground. The nearest banana plantation is around half a mile from the platform. The nearest structure is also around half a mile from the platform.