Records relating to Miss Eleanor Lucas Hughes and family. Miss Eleanor Lucas Hughes was born on 17 February 1875 the daughter of John Hughes of Port Eynon and his first wife Ellen Beynon (died in 1877 aged 36). Ellen Beynon was the daughter of George Beynon, farmer. John Hughes married his second wife Jane Ann Griffiths in 1888. John was the son of George Hughes (died 1 March 1882) and Elinor Lucas of Port Eynon. John Hughes died 26 November 1909 aged 64 at The Laurels, Port Eynon, intestate. His estate went between his widow and his daughter, until Jane Ann’s death in 1943, when Eleanor inherited the whole estate. Eleanor Lucas Hughes lived at 60 Newton Road. She had properties scattered around Oystermouth, Newton, Langland, Port Eynon, Bishopston and Wernffrwd. A number were sold off after the death of her step-mother, but she remained owner of others selling them off over the years and the last were sold by public auction following her death in 1971.


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