Grey Volumes

Scope and Content

In addition to loose documents the Earl Grey Papers include a large number of volumes of various types. The main series are as follows:

[Grey Vols A].

Volumes associated with the papers of the 1st earl. These are numbered and shelved withthe 1st earl's papers (nos 2237-2257), rather than in the Grey Volumes sequence.

Grey Vols B-C.

Volumes associated with the papers of the 2nd and 3rd earls, respectively.

Grey Vols D.

Volumes associated with the papers of General Charles Grey.

Grey Vols E.

Volumes associated with the papers of the 4th earl.

Grey Vols F.

Volumes of typescript transcripts of original material found elsewhere in the papers, mostly among the correspondence of the 2nd and 3rd earls.

Grey Vols Misc.

See the descriptions of the papers of the 1st - 4th earls and General Charles Grey for Grey Vols [A]-F.

The Misc. series is aptly named, but includes two vols of copies of 17th-18th century documents relating to Northumberland and Durham, among which are books of rates for each, copies of correspondence of Lancelot Charles Lee concerning English people detained in France 1803-6, copies of diplomatic correspondence of the Hon. William George Grey (1819-1865) concerning Sweden 1853-56, and a diary and guest-list book of Mary, Countess Grey, wife of the 2nd earl.

Many other volumes are included among the various series of papers of the earls and their relatives, and are covered by the catalogues to those series.

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Other Finding Aids

List of Volumes in the Grey Collection (typescript). For Grey Vols [A], Grey Vols B relating to the 2nd earl, and Grey Vols D, this list is superseded by the catalogues to the 1st and 2nd earls' papers and to the papers of General Charles Grey. The list of Grey Vols E is incomplete, and is continued in a folder at the end of the Box list of the 4th earl's papers.