Garden plan relating to the House Garden of Thomas Thorp at 7 Bailiffgate Street, Alnwick, Northumberland

Scope and Content

Garden plan, drawn on a blank printed electoral form. Annotated ‘1837 Mr Thorp’s garden plot, rough sketch (W. Newton gardener)’

Marked on the plan are outline of garden, seats, moveable seat, borders, walks, sink and stable door, also rows of peas (named varieties are ‘Groom’s Dwarf’ peas, ‘Bishop’s Dwarf’ and ‘Magazine’ peas), roses, radishes, spinach and lettuce

Includes key to gooseberry bushes numbered 1-27 on plan (key gives ten named varieties including ‘Miller’s White Bank’, ‘Jolly Hornet’, ‘Jolly Topper’ [?’Jolly Toper’] and ‘Roman Red’) and key to dahlias which is blank except for number four, given as ‘white’

On reverse are lists of varieties of apple (including ‘Golden Pippin’, ‘Ribston Pippin’ and ‘May Duke Cherry’), annuals sown in the borders (including Mytope grandiflora [?Malope ‘Grandiflora’], China aster and Hibiscus africanus), and shrubs in West Yard (‘Ribes sanguinia or bloody currant’)

Size 48.5 (w) x 38 (h) cm