Garden plans relating to the gardens of Thomas Thorp at 7 Bailiffgate Street, Alnwick, Northumberland

Scope and Content

Two garden plans, originally attached:

Smaller plan, ink on paper, annotated on reverse ‘Nov 1827 Mr Thorp’s garden sketches’, and on front ‘1835’. Marked on the plan are an outline of garden, stable door, garden door, sink pit and numerals relating to a key of named varieties of gooseberry including ‘Golden Purse, ‘Snowball’ and ‘Roman Red’.

Size 20 (w) x 24.8 (h) cm

Larger plan, ink on paper, drawn on reverse of a blank page printed for distributor’s accounts, annotated on reverse ‘May 1835 Mr Thorp’s garden plan, rough sketch (Tough gardener)’. Marked on the plan are two seats, and numerals relating to lists of 17 named varieties of dahlias (including ‘Maria Louisa’, ‘Black Turban’ and ‘Dauphin’), 13 named varieties of roses (including ‘Double Pied Scotch’, ‘Red Province’ and ‘Maiden’s Blush’) and three named varieties of apples (including ‘Golden Pippin’ and ‘Ribston Pippin’). A note dated 16 Feb 1837 records that Mr William Newton replaced a Ribston Pippin No 2 which had perished.

Size 24 (w) x 38.5 (h) cm

These items were originally attached and were separated for conservation purposes in Jan 2015. A tear in the larger plan was repaired