Notebook entitled �Garden book� relating to the gardens of Thomas Thorp at 7 Bailiffgate Street, Alnwick, Northumberland

Scope and Content

This book appears to have been started in Feb 1837, with earlier entries written retrospectively

Size 11.6 (w) x 18.7 (h) cm

Inside cover records that �Mr Tough kept the gardens from Oct 1834 to Feb[?] 1837�; �1 March 1837 agreed with William Newton to dress the gardens for a year from Candlemas last [�] 2d confirmed the agreement with Newton his eldest son and himself to do it and no others�; �Gave Tough his discharge. He admitted all accounts were settled with him. He only had 2 or 3 apple trees in Field Garden which he would remove soon�.

Pasted in to front cover is a monthly account of totals spent on seeds and labour, 1836

Front section of the volume relates to the Field Garden:

Page 1

�In Oct 1834. Put in to garden 1000 Keen�s seedling strawberries, 50 asparagus plants, 80 sea kale plants [�]�

�Feb 1837. 50 Antwerp raspberries put in about 20 Dec 1836 by Tough�s account [�]�

Page 2

�Seeds and plants expected. Small quantity of shallot and garlics. Turnip radish [�]�

Page 3

�Seeds and plants expected. Jerusalem artichokes. Peas: �Fame�[?], �Woodford�, �Royal Dwarf�, �Groom�s New Dwarf�, �Knight�s New Marrow�, �Green Marrow� [�]�

�1837 20 Sep. Brought from Field Garden part of them supplied by William Newton the following herbs, viz: thyme, sweet marjoram, hyssop, spearmint, balm [�]�

�William Newton to dress gardens from Feb 1837 to Feb 1838 for �6 besides seeds etc which may cost about 15/- or 20/-.�

Page 4

�1837. For 1838. W. Newton. Field Garden. Gooseberry bushes to take up and plant on the borders. Strawberries to take up and plant a few round the borders and a few to put in the House Garden [�]�

�Oct. Salsify. Parsnips. Currant bushes to remain and plant a few rasps with them where gooseberry bushes stood [�]�

Page 5

�1839. Lettuce Bath Cos. Dutch yellow turnips. Turnip radish [�]�

Pages 6-12 are blank

Rear section of the volume relates to the House Garden:

Page 13

�House Garden. Dec 1834. Put in to garden 4 apple trees against trellises. 25 roses in kinds. 170 plants, privet hedge. 1 Portugal laurel. Sweet and pot herbs. Besides what were there before. 500 snowdrops and 150 crocuses in West Yard [�]�

�Seeds and plants expected. Parsley. Lettuces, Drumhead. Turnip radish. Dwarf peas and beans, if room. [�] Flowers: Roses. Dahlias. Mignonette. Sweet peas [�]�

Page 14

�1836 Mar. Tough put up against Roman Catholic chapel wall 1 Ripston Pippin [�Ribston Pippin�] apple tree 3/9.�

�1837 Feb 16. Newton put in No 2 espalier[?] Ripston Pippin [�Ribston Pippin�] where Tough�s had perished.�

�May 23. Sown dwarf peas and beans and French beans. Sown annuals viz: Mitope grandiflora [?Malope �Grandiflora�]. China asters. Hibiscus africanus. African marigolds. Onothera lindham [?Oenothera lindleyi]. Venice�s looking glass [Venus�s looking glass]. French marigolds. Yellow lupin. Larkspurs. Scysanthus penata. [Schizanthus penata]�

1837 7 Jun. Home Garden dressed up.�

�Oct 25. Not to prune gooseberry bushes till far on in spring to save the buds from birds. Rotten dung to put to roots of apple trees and rose bushes.�

Page 15

�Coach house grass plot. To be made nice and that part neat, the dung hill to be sown with good seeds.�

Pages 16-24 are blank