Notebook entitled ‘Garden book’ relating to the gardens of Thomas Thorp at 7 Bailiffgate Street, Alnwick, Northumberland

Scope and Content

This book appears to have been started in Feb 1837, with earlier entries written retrospectively

Size 11.6 (w) x 18.7 (h) cm

Inside cover records that ‘Mr Tough kept the gardens from Oct 1834 to Feb[?] 1837’; ‘1 March 1837 agreed with William Newton to dress the gardens for a year from Candlemas last […] 2d confirmed the agreement with Newton his eldest son and himself to do it and no others’; ‘Gave Tough his discharge. He admitted all accounts were settled with him. He only had 2 or 3 apple trees in Field Garden which he would remove soon’.

Pasted in to front cover is a monthly account of totals spent on seeds and labour, 1836

Front section of the volume relates to the Field Garden:

Page 1

‘In Oct 1834. Put in to garden 1000 Keen’s seedling strawberries, 50 asparagus plants, 80 sea kale plants […]’

‘Feb 1837. 50 Antwerp raspberries put in about 20 Dec 1836 by Tough’s account […]’

Page 2

‘Seeds and plants expected. Small quantity of shallot and garlics. Turnip radish […]’

Page 3

‘Seeds and plants expected. Jerusalem artichokes. Peas: ‘Fame’[?], ‘Woodford’, ‘Royal Dwarf’, ‘Groom’s New Dwarf’, ‘Knight’s New Marrow’, ‘Green Marrow’ […]’

’1837 20 Sep. Brought from Field Garden part of them supplied by William Newton the following herbs, viz: thyme, sweet marjoram, hyssop, spearmint, balm […]’

‘William Newton to dress gardens from Feb 1837 to Feb 1838 for £6 besides seeds etc which may cost about 15/- or 20/-.’

Page 4

‘1837. For 1838. W. Newton. Field Garden. Gooseberry bushes to take up and plant on the borders. Strawberries to take up and plant a few round the borders and a few to put in the House Garden […]’

‘Oct. Salsify. Parsnips. Currant bushes to remain and plant a few rasps with them where gooseberry bushes stood […]’

Page 5

‘1839. Lettuce Bath Cos. Dutch yellow turnips. Turnip radish […]’

Pages 6-12 are blank

Rear section of the volume relates to the House Garden:

Page 13

‘House Garden. Dec 1834. Put in to garden 4 apple trees against trellises. 25 roses in kinds. 170 plants, privet hedge. 1 Portugal laurel. Sweet and pot herbs. Besides what were there before. 500 snowdrops and 150 crocuses in West Yard […]’

‘Seeds and plants expected. Parsley. Lettuces, Drumhead. Turnip radish. Dwarf peas and beans, if room. […] Flowers: Roses. Dahlias. Mignonette. Sweet peas […]’

Page 14

‘1836 Mar. Tough put up against Roman Catholic chapel wall 1 Ripston Pippin [‘Ribston Pippin’] apple tree 3/9.’

‘1837 Feb 16. Newton put in No 2 espalier[?] Ripston Pippin [‘Ribston Pippin’] where Tough’s had perished.’

‘May 23. Sown dwarf peas and beans and French beans. Sown annuals viz: Mitope grandiflora [?Malope ‘Grandiflora’]. China asters. Hibiscus africanus. African marigolds. Onothera lindham [?Oenothera lindleyi]. Venice’s looking glass [Venus’s looking glass]. French marigolds. Yellow lupin. Larkspurs. Scysanthus penata. [Schizanthus penata]’

1837 7 Jun. Home Garden dressed up.’

‘Oct 25. Not to prune gooseberry bushes till far on in spring to save the buds from birds. Rotten dung to put to roots of apple trees and rose bushes.’

Page 15

‘Coach house grass plot. To be made nice and that part neat, the dung hill to be sown with good seeds.’

Pages 16-24 are blank