Letters to Charles from various correspondents

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Includes arrangements for meetings, reference to the Public Access to Mountains Bill, a bulletin from the Training College Association, a request to translate Positiva Scienza di Governo per parlare di politica , discussion of British politics, international relations and the Labour Party, the manifesto of the 'National Council for Lunacy Reform', German foreign policy, a request for assistance from the Armenian Red Cross & Refugee Fund, British relations with the Middle East, discussion of the role of the League of Nations, discussion of Count Karolyi's right to remain in Britain and a menu from a dinner of the Labour Front Bench at the House of Commons.
Correspondents include Walter Runciman, F W Pethick-Lawrence, George Otto Trevelyan, Irene Cooper Willis, Clifford Allen, Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy, F Seymour Cocks, Shapurji Saklatvala, Monica Glazebrook, Vivian Carter, P Gilchrist Thompson, Rene Claparede, Mihaly Karolyi, Aino Malmberg, Hugh Bell, Kurt Hahn, Basil Williams, John Bell, Kitty Gordon, Ben C Spoor, Charles Zueblin, Francis Acland, Arthur Ponsonby, Henry Wilson, Priscilla Albright, Margaret Robins '[Mrs Raymond Robins'], H A Berens, Arthur Henderson, Hugh Richardson, F Merttens, George A Dunce, W H Coates, W Rothenstein, Hugh Dalton, Geoffrey Winthrop Young, Oswald Mosley, E D Morel, Clifford Allen, Stanley Baldwin, Lady Kate Courtney, J Chester Erde, Jean Longuet, J Ramsay MacDonald, Elizabeth Robins, George Bernard Shaw, Jan C Smuts, Sophie Sturge and Sir John Fischer Williams.
One letter is in German.

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