Leaflets and pamphlets on the taxation of land values

Scope and Content

  • Land Reform Versus Protection , Charles Trevelyan, The Independent Review (nd c.1902)
  • Land Values speech read by Charles Trevelyan on 14th December 1906
  • Conservatives Approve the Rating of Land Values , United Committee for the Taxation of Land Values leaflet number 37 (nd c.1910)
  • Land Taxation and the Use of Land , Charles Trevelyan, Coming Men on Coming Questions number XX, (nd c.1905)
  • Land Reform versus Protection , Charles Trevelyan, reprinted from The Independent Review, Brighouse (nd c.1906)
  • Land Values in Parliament speeches by Charles Trevelyan, Dr Macanamara, Thomas Shaw and Henry Campbell-Bannerman, English League for the Taxation of Land Values, London (nd c.1902)
  • Taxation of Land Values , Mary Katharine Trevelyan, Women's Liberal Federation (1905)
  • Land Value Taxation and the Use of Land , Charles Trevelyan, extract from the Economic Journal number 65 volume 27 (1907)

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