Dialogues in English and colloquial Cantonese

Scope and Content

The dialogues, written in English and the Cantonese vernacular, were composed by a Chinese teacher in 1841 and reproduced in this volume in July 1850 by the lithographic process, in the hope that their extended use "might facilitate to some extent the acquisition of the provincial dialect". In his 'Introductory Remarks', the compiler also expresses the hope that efforts to purchase and utilise the press for this purpose will encourage other missionary stations in China to follow his example in obtaining "at very little expense" a similar lithographic press for the rendering of sheet tracts, illustrations and the Chinese language.

Topics covered by this volume include 'On the character and religious system of Confucius', On the Sect and doctrines of the Buddhists', 'On the Mahometan Religion', 'On Spirits and Demons', 'On Spirits, Demons and Genii', 'On the Metempsychosis', 'On the written language and Education', 'On Education', 'On Education and Degrees', 'On the Government of China', 'On the Provincial Government', 'On the Medical Profession', 'On the Marriage rules of the Chinese' and 'On the Funeral rites of the Chinese'.

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