Scrap Book. Costumes.

Scope and Content

Watercolour illustrations of Chinese dress. Produced by the Studio of Fatqua (Chinese, fl. 1810-1830), Painter in Oils and Water Colours and on Glass, China Street, Canton [identified by ornate label adhered to inside cover]. English captions. Plates show largely the dress of Manchu ('Tartar') officials. Individual plates include: Hwang-tae-tsze. A prince of the blood; a Tartar [Tatar ethnic group] Princess; dress of a Member of the Imperial Family, brother, uncle & c.; Wife of the preceding - also a Tartar; the full dress of a General; dress of a person of the second rank - a Viceroy & c.; Wife of a person of second rank - a Tartar; a Eunuch; a Chinese of the first rank; a Chinese Lady [Chinese woman] of the first rank; Military dress of the third rank; a Tartar General of the first rank; Wife of the preceding - a Tartar; an 'inferior' military officer; an old man of 90 years, on whom the Emperor confers the 7th rank; Wife of the preceding; an Ensign; Court dress of a graduate called Keu-jin (juren), a raised man; Wife of the preceding; Person of the 3rd rank; an 'inferior' graduate called Sew-Tsae (xincai); Wife of the preceding. [Incomplete?]

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