Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content

Indenture between Roger Williams of Combe, nephew and heir of the late George Williams of Trecastle, Flintshire, of the first part; Anne Davies, formerly of Gwesaney, Flintshire, and now of Kanvorda, Shropshire, spinster, eldest sister of the late Robert Davies of Kannerch, Denbighshire, eldest son of the late Mutton Davies of Kannerch, of the second part; the Rev. Thomas Jones of Abergeley, D.D., and the Rev. Richard Davies of Rhiwabon, Denbighshire, clerk, of the third part; Robert Wynne of Plasnewydd and Samuel Mostyn of Calcoett, Flintshire, of the fourth part; Thomas Jones of Kelyn, Flintshire, John Williams of Henllan, clerk, and David Williams of Lodge, Denbighshire, Mary his wife, Gabriel Williams of Nantglyn, Denbighshire, clerk, the said John, Mary and Gabriel being co-executors of the will of the late George Williams, of the fifth part; and Peter Jones of Kelyn, second son of the said Thomas Jones and Mary his wife, of the sixth part; relating to the marriage of Peter Jones and Mary, his wife.