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Sale by John Gunter of Healaugh, Yorkshire, Bachelor of Civil Law, with the consent of Philip Lord Wharton, of an annuity issuing from lands, etc., in Orton parish, to the Hon. Thomas Wharton of Upper Winchingham, Buckinghamshire (eldest son and heir of Philip Lord Wharton), Philip Wharton (only son and heir of Sir Thomas Wharton of Edlington, Yorkshire), William Wharton, esq., Anthony Prockter, curate of Russendale [Ravenstonedale], James Clerkson, Simon Alderson, Ralph Milner, William Fothergill, William Shaw, Robert Hunter, Richard Fothergill, Henry Bousfeild and Philip Bousfeild, feoffees, in trust as an additional maintenance for the schoolmaster at Russendale.