Licence to Alienate (copy)

Scope and Content

Copy and translation into English of a licence from Edward VI, King of England, to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Chester to alienate to Sir Richard Cotton, knight, Comptroller of the King's Household, their manors and tenements in Huntingdon, otherwise Huntington, and Cheveley, their manors of Sutton in Wyrehall [Wirral], Upton, Bromborowe [Bromborough], Irbie [Irby], Ince, Salghten [Saighton], Barnshawe [Barnshaw, Goostrey cum Barnshaw], Tilstone Farnehall [Tilstone Fearnall] and Boughton, Cheshire, the Long Meadow in the parish of Backford juxta Mostyn, lands, etc., in Wyrvyn [Wervin], Croughton, Stamford, Kirstelton otherwise Christleton, Chorleton [Chorlton], Lee [Lea], Mostyn [Moston], Saighall [Saughall], Shotwicke [Shotwick], Crewe, Farneton [Farndon], Bebington, Estham [Eastham], Plymeyard [Plimyard in Eastham], Irbye [Irby], Thurstanton [Thurstaston], Greseby [Greasby], Frankebie [Frankby], Weskyrbie [West Kirby], Knoctoram [Noctorum], Woodchurche [Woodchurch], Wallasey, Kirbie Walley [Wallasey], Ince, Elton, Thornton, Catenhall [Cattenhall in Kingsley township], Manley, Idencote [Ichincote in Alvanley township], Hillisbye [Helsby], Frodsham, Bridge Trafford, Plemstowe [Plemstall], Salghton [Saighton], Huxley, Waverton, Codington [Coddington], Barneshawe [Barnshaw], Gostre [Goostrey cum Barnshaw], Lees [Leese], Grange, Sandbache [Sandbach], Chelford, Asthall [Astle in Chelford], Presbury [Prestbury], Northwich, Hulse, Wynnington [Winnington], Nether Tabley, Plombley [Plumley], Budwurthe [Budworth], Northerden [Northenden], Farnehall [Fearnall], Tilston Farnhall [Tilstone Fearnall], Moche Sutton [Great Sutton], Little Sutton, Overpoole [Overpool], Hulton, Thornton and Whitby in the county of Chester, the rectories of Sutton in Wyrehall, Prestbury, Great Neston, Little Neston and Wollaston, the vicarage of Prestbury, all manner of advowsons, donations, etc., of the rectory and churches of Christleton, Bebbington and Astbury, of the vicarage of Prestbury aforesaid, and of the rectory or church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Hill within the city of Chester, and also all fairs, markets, courts leet, view of frankpledge, etc., in Sutton in Wyrehall, Upton, Bromborowe, Irbie, Ince, Barnstone, Salghton, Tilston Farnhall, Boughton and St Thomas Chapell, Cheshire, in return for an annual rent of £603 18s 10d.