Indenture of Agreement

Scope and Content

Indenture of agreement between the Rt. Hon. Lady Katherine, Duchess of Buckingham (widow of the late George [Villiers, 1st] Duke of Buckingham), of the one part, and the Rt. Hon. Thomas Viscount Savage, the Rt. Hon. George Lord Goring, Sir Robert Pye and Thomas Fotherley, esq., for the levying of a fine respecting the manors of Wragbye [Wragby], Uffington, Newsteed [Newstead] and Tallington, Lincolnshire, and Garrowden and Shepshead [Shepshed], Leicestershire, the rectory of Tallington, the dissolved monastery of Newsteed, the site of the dissolved monastery of Garrowden, and messuages, etc. in Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.