Indenture of Grant

Scope and Content

Indenture of grant by William Stanley of Hoton, knight, son of William Stanley of Hoton, knight, and of Agnes, his wife, a daughter of Robert Grosvenour, to Peter Dutton and Alexander Radclyff, knights, Andrew Barton, John Glegg the elder, Richard Grosvenour and many others, of the manors of Sturton [Storeton], Hoton [Hooton] and Roveacre [Rivacre, in Hooton] and of lands, etc., in Sturton, Hoton, Roveacre, Molynton Banestre [Little Mollington or Mollington Banastre], Donnam Mascy [Dunham Massey], Netherpeuer [Nether Peover], Lostok [Lostock Gralam], Chirchenhethe [Churton Heath], Newbold and Chester, in the county of Cheshire, and the manor of Stanley (Staffordshire), to the use of the said William and his heirs in accordance with his father's will.