Scope and Content

Indenture reciting various deeds delivered by Margaret, widow of Roger de Etheliston, to Lawrence de Standyssh. The documents were:

  • (a) Indenture between Richard of Hoghton, knight, and Paulin, son of Lawrence de Wedacre, relating to rights in Grymesargh [Grimsargh]. 10 May 1329.
  • (b) Grant by William de Grymesarghe to Henry de Wedakyr of common pasture in Grymesarghe. n.d. [temp. Edw. II, c.1307-1327].
  • (c) Grant by John de Hakanesshawe to Roger de Etheliston, son of John de Etheliston. 26 September 1368.
  • (d) Grant by Henry de Kerden of Rybblechestre to John, son of Geoffrey de Hakeneshoue. 7 (?) February 1355.
  • (e) Grant by William Lauson of Etheliston to John de Etheliston and Matilda, daughter of Henry Banastre, his wife, of lands, etc., in Etheliston [Elston], etc., for life. 29 November 1351.