Liquidation of Mills

Scope and Content

This subseries consists of correspondence files of mills which were members of the Oldham Master Cotton Spinners' Association which had resigned their membership. This was usually due to the fact that the firm involved had gone into voluntary liquidation, but some of the mills in this sequence were sold and a few were destroyed by fire. The files contain a record of the date the mill became a member of the Oldham Association, names of directors and dividends paid. Some files contain correspondence relating to employment disputes and many of the files contain information relating to rating assessments which were reduced whilst the mills were inactive.


These files were obviously once part of a complete series of correspondence files of members of the Oldham Association. They contain original numbers and record standard information on the inside of the file itself. It appears the files were then abstracted by the Association and stored in a new filing sequence.

Original order has been maintained during cataloguing. Where possible the date given is the date of closure of the mill, although the file may contain correspondence of a later date, usually with the liquidators. The files are mostly in alphabetical order, but a few anomalies do occur.