"A history of Ireland"

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      GB 133 RDP/1/1
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      1 box containing a manuscript of approx 900 folios, plus two folders and one envelope. Generally in good condition, although some leaves show signs of wear and tear.

Scope and Content

Manuscript of Dunlop's major unpublished work. It appears that he submitted the work to the Clarendon Press c. 1925, and thereafter reworked the manuscript with some new chapters (1-4). Annotations on the manuscript indicate that Dunlop revised chapters 1-11 between 1925 and 1927, but there is nothing to indicate that the whole manuscript was revised. Chapters have been arranged in sequential order; some chapter numbers are duplicated indicating the addition of new chapters.

  • List of chapters of the revised edition (incomplete)
  • Title page with quotations from Barbour and Swift
  • Ch.1 Dawn of Irish history(11 fo.)
  • Ch.2 Earliest inhabitants(9 fo.)
  • Ch.3 First invaders (17 fo.)
  • Ch.4 The coming of the Gael(35 fo.)
  • Ch.5. Political and social institutions (orig Ch.2, revised 1925)(46 fo.)
  • Ch.6 Christian Ireland from the fifth to the end of the seventh century (2 versions) (14/15 fo.)
  • Ch.7. The making of Gaelic Ireland (24 fo.)
  • Ch.8 The Norsemen in Ireland (39 fo.)
  • Ch.9. Art, architecture and learning (two versions: "Ch.6 version" is probably the original draft) 23/23 fo.)
  • Ch.10 The struggle for unity, 1014-1166 (38 fo.)
  • Ch.11 The Norman invasion 1166-1215 (52 fo.)
  • Ch.12 Extension of the English colony, 1216-1315 (35 fo.)
  • Ch.13 The Scots invasion and domestic troubles, 1316-60 (37 fo.)
  • Ch.14 Efforts to arrest the decline of the colony, 1361-1478 (33 fo.)
  • Ch.15 Ascendancy of the house of Kildare, 1478-1535 (40 fo.)
  • Ch.16 The Reformation, 1536-37 (4 fo.)
  • Ch.17 The beginnings of modern Ireland, 1536-56 (21 fo. )
  • Ch.15 The Counter Reformation, 1556-83 (28 fo.)
  • Ch.16 Tyrone's rebellion, 1583-1603 (28 fo.)
  • Ch.17 Catholicism in the ascendant, 1603-41 (32 fo.)
  • Ch.18 The Rebellion, 1641-52 (46 fo.)
  • Ch.19 The Settlement of Ireland, 1653-65 (21 fo.)
  • Ch.20 Attempt to upset the Settlement 1665-90 (36 fo.)
  • Ch.21 The Protestant Ascendancy 1691-1760 (35 fo.)
  • Ch.22 Legislative independence, 1760-89 (34 fo.)
  • Ch.23 Last years of independence 1789-1800 (37 fo.)
  • Ch.24 Ireland under the Union, 1801-47 (35 fo.)
  • Ch.25 The Union in its trial 1847-93 (42 fo.)
  • Ch.26 Struggle for national independence 1893-1916 (40 fo.)

In addition there are three folders containing information on photographs and illustrations Dunlop wished to use in the publication. Two folders contain lists of illustrations and their association with the text, along with some sample illustrations and correspondence; an envelope contains copies of some of the photographs planned for inclusion in the book. There appears to be no bibliography associated with the manuscript.


The chapters have been organised in chronological order (where two versions of a chapter exist, these have been kept together). Chapter numbering is inconsistent, probably because the original chapter 1 was either subdivided into four, or three new chapters (2-4) were added after a first draft was concluded. Folio numbering also diverges; some parts of the manuscript are numbered in running order. The manuscript has not been checked to confirm all folios are necessarily present.