Deed explaining uses of a fine

Scope and Content

(i) Richard Jones of Wrexham, co.Denbigh, dyer, and Mary Ducker of Wrexham, widow

(ii) Thomas Poole of Wrexham, butcher and Mary his wife, James Powell of the city of Chester, gent., and Jane his wife, John Valentine of Wrexham, butcher, and Phebe his wife, and Watkin Poole of Wrexham, glazier and Abigail his wife, (Thomas, Jane, Phebe, and Watkin, younger children of John Poole, the elder of Wrexham, butcher, deceased.)

(iii) Frances Poole of Wrexham, widow of John Poole the younger, late of Wrexham, butcher, deceased.

(iv) Randle Randles of Pickhill, co.Denbigh, gent.

(v) Thomas Hayman of Wrexham, gent.

Messuage called John Poole’s Tenement and six pieces of land called Coed Pickhill ucha, Coed Pickhill Isa, Caer nant, Tir Evan ap Ennion Issa and Caie Talorne in township of Bedwal, parish of Bangor to (iv).

Consideration: sums (specified) amounting to £430