Minutes of General Meetings 5: December 1835 - November 1839

Scope and Content

Minutes of General meetings. At the Anniversary Meeting in May 1836 it was noted that a Committee of Agriculture and Commerce was suggested and several members agreed to make contributions to finance this committee. At a Special meeting in July, Article 49 regarding subscriptions was amended so that all members could pay annually. In December the Society's funds being inadequate for the purpose contemplated by the Society, General Worsley subscribed £100 and begged members to donate their subscriptions for a year. At the Anniversary Meeting in 1837, Professor H. H. Wilson became Director of the Society in succession to Henry Colebrooke, deceased. In July, the Society was informed by letter that General Worsley was giving the Society £1,000 to be used at the discretion of the Council. It was recorded that a bust should be commissioned to be paid for by members. In July, it was confirmed that Queen Victoria had consented to be Patron of the Society. At a Special meeting in January 1838, ways in which defaulting members should be treated were considered. In January 1839 Sir James Carnac, Governor of Bombay, offered to promote the interest of the Society (in Bombay). At the Anniversary Meeting in 1839 as well as the usual reports, a report of the Committee of Commerce and Agriculture was tabled and read. At the end of the volume there are four pages of index.
Handwritten in folio sized leather bound volume of which the binding needs attention.