Minutes of General Meetings 2: January 1827 - March 1830

Scope and Content

Minutes of General Meetings: In 1827 there were generally 2 meetings a month with an extended summer recess and also no meetings in January because of the death and funeral of Duke of York, Vice Patron of the Society. A Special Meeting in March was called to consider amendments to the Society's Regulations. At the Anniversary Meeting in 1827 the deaths of the Duke of York and Sir Stamford Raffles were recorded and thanks were given for donations to museum and library, particularly from the Directors of the East India Company. The first volume of the Transactions were not yet completed. Financially, total assets were of the order of £3,250 while the probable surplus for 1827 was estimated at £664, dependent on the recovery of arrears due from members. At the Anniversary Meeting in 1828 thanks were given to Directors of East India Company for £100 to be given annually. The Museum was now fully operational and admission was to be by 'admission card' so that members did not personally have to introduce 'strangers'. Mention is made of Oriental Translation Committee. For a short time during the year there were 4 meetings in a month and in December the association with the Literary Society of Bombay was proposed which was finalised in January 1829. At the Anniversary Meeting in 1829 the Society officially associated with the Asiatick Society of Bengal, the Literary Society of Madras, and the Madras Auxiliary Society. In spite of acknowledging the receipt of many books as gifts it was recorded that the Council were disappointed at the 'slow progress' being made to establish the Library.
The minutes are in a folio sized leather bound volume in reasonable condition.