Minutes of General Meetings 4: January 1833 - July 1835

Scope and Content

Minutes of General Meetings. At the Anniversary Meeting in May 1833 the Report of the Council was greater than 50 pages and included several eulogies including that of the Rajah of Tangore. Delays to the Transactions had been caused partly by lack of 'uniformity in orthography'. Details of the Anniversary Meeting held in May 1834 are scant as the Report of Council and the Auditors' Report were to be published in the Transactions of the Society. At a meeting in February 1835 Lieutenant Burns was elected a life member of the Society on account of his contribution to Oriental Geography and Science. At the Anniversary Meeting in 1835 the Chairman of the East India Company was requested to accept the office of Vice Patron of the Society.
The minutes are in a folio sized leather bound volume in reasonable condition.