Minutes of General Meetings 3: April 1830 - December 1832

Scope and Content

Minutes of General Meetings. At a Special Meeting on 1 May 1830 it was agreed that members of the Oriental Club could become Honorary Members on a reciprocal basis. At the Anniversary Meeting in that year it was announced that 'if the society cannot be called rich..it may be considered flourishing with a clear balance of £131 and no debt'. The Library had 900 printed works, all catalogued. The Museum was doing well and a catalogue was being prepared. The public were allowed to use the Museum.
At a special Meeting on 27 July 1830, King William IV declared himself Patron and at same time Prince Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg became a Vice-Patron. At a Special Meeting on 11 December in the Theatre of Royal Institution there was a dissection by Sir J Malcolm of a mummy give to the Royal Asiatic Society. At the Anniversary Meeting in 1831 it was announced that the Society now had 549 members. The Society was involved with the extensive Indian collection made by Colonel Colin Mackenzie. At the Anniversary meeting in 1832 it was announced that William Huttmann, a salaried officer, had embezzled the society of more than £107, leading to a tightening up of procedures, regarding the collection of subscriptions. It was decided that foreign members be limited to 50 and with regard to gifts no temporary deposits to be accepted.
The minutes are in a folio sized leather bound volume in reasonable condition.