Autograph airletter, signed, from Leo Smit, Los Angeles, to FH

Scope and Content

FH should have had some opera details from Margot Blum. The situation is that they 'like the music, but are afraid that the book is over the heads of their audience'. There is no 'Ford money' for 1962, but they'll consider Alchemy for Fall 1963. Capriccio was very successful in its New York performances. Jean Vanden Heuvel 'will do all she can to get your TV shows to right people'; FH should send 'clippings, blurbs, pictures etc.' to her. Asks about FH's current projects. Ruth B. 'would like us to write jointly about music for the Credo series', for which they would get $2,000 apiece. Has traded his Fiat for a Sprite, and is pleased with it. Discusses the recent fire at a friend's house.

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