Graphs of QSO magnitudes and redshifts

Scope and Content

Eight numbered figures. Data from: A. Hewitt and G.R. Burbidge, A revised optical catalog of quasi-stellar objects, Astrophysical journal supplement series 43 (May 1980), p. 57; J.V. Wall, A.J. Shimmins and J. Merkelijn, The Parkes 2700 MHz Survey. Catalogues for the ±4 declination zone and for the selected regions, Aust. Journal of Physics, Astrophysics Supplement (1971), p. 19; D.W. Weedman, Luminosities of Seyfert galaxies and QSOs, Astrophysical journal 208 (15 Aug. 1976), p. 30; and W.A. Stein and D.W. Weedman, The origin of ultraviolet and infrared continuum radiation from Seyfert galaxies, Astrophysical journal 205 (1 Apr. 1976), p. 44. Black and white photographic prints (202 x 254mm)

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