Typescript letter, signed, from Tony, Lowndes Square, London, to FH

Scope and Content

Had intended to drive down to visit FH and Barbara between 1 and 8 Sep. before they leave. Has two things to ask. First, have advances in the field since FH wrote 'The Cloud' (presumably The black cloud) necessitated any 'new inventiveness in the story'? When they make 'The Cloud', it must 'reflect the absolute up-to-the-minute-of-shooting-the-film situation in the astronomical world'. Secondly, asks FH to sound out his friends in California about making 'a serious technologically accurate film', which would not only entertain, but also demonstrate the 'extraordinary amount of knowledge now at the disposal of astronomers'. Now that all of the earth is 'pretty well known', space is the 'great new area of discovery'. Asks FH to create enthusiasm for the project amongst is friends.

Additional Information