Typescript letter, with autograph addition, signed, from Bernard Lovell (Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories, Jodrell Bank) to FH

Scope and Content

Greatly enjoyed seeing FH and Barbara, and invites them to visit again soon. Has read Nicolas Wade's article in Science (1 Aug. 1975), and agrees that 'it places even a greater emphasis on the part played by the girl' [Jocelyn Bell Burnell]. Is extremely puzzled by the statement in the article that 'Hewish wrote round to all other observatories', as he has no recollection of him writing to Jodrell Bank, and there is no letter in the files. He may have spoken or written privately to Graham Smith, but that is 'unlikely'. Encloses a list of pulsars subsequently discovered at various observatories. In autograph addition offers to send FH copies of 'the actual Nobel lectures' if he has not seen them.

Additional Information